Idaho Child Fatality Review Team report for 2012 re religious exemptions published 4/2015 – See full report here
Task Force letter to Governor Otter re religious exemptions 7/1/2015


An edited podcast interview with Rita Swan, founder and president of Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD), on the two states’ conflicting approaches to child medical neglect. The full one-hour interview can be heard at


“Faith-Based Medical Neglect: for Providers and Policymakers” Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, 10/9/2020
13 deaths of Idaho children tied to faith-based medical neglect Lewiston Tribune 2/17/2020
Idaho Statesman Editorial Board: Religious belief should never excuse any form of child abuse or neglect Idaho Statesman 7/24/2018
Idaho faith healer charged with child sexual abuse; religious beliefs prevented abuse reporting Idaho Press 7/19/2018
Son and granddaughter of Followers’ founder tell church members to get medical care for children 7/15/2018
Oregon parents plead guilty in baby’s death, urge fellow church members to get medical care KOIN TV 7/9/2018
Idaho could protect kids in anti-medical sects Idaho Statesman 4/24/2018
Coffin-carrying protestors march on Idaho Capitol Idaho Statesman 2/19/2018
Idahoans protest faith-healing exemptions Idaho Press 2/19/2018
Idaho lets kids die when parents have religious beliefs against medical care High Country News 1/8/2018
Former ID Supreme Court Justice: “Children of faith healers have a right to life and medical care” Coeur d’Alene Press 11/22/2017
The battle against religious-based exemptions from civil or criminal liability in Idaho will continue in 11/15/2017
Idaho–worst in the nationCHILD Newsletter 2017
Canyon County Sheriff Donahue not about to be quiet about deaths of children in Followers of Christ sect Coeur d’Alene Press 5/24/2017
Idaho faith deaths continue, coroner and legislature prevent investigation Los Angeles Times 4/18/2017
Retired Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice endorses repeal of faith-healing exemptions 2/24/2017
Full page “Open Letter to the Legislators of Idaho” Idaho Statesman 2/20/2017
Canyon County Sheriff urging lawmakers to make change to faith healing laws in Idaho 2/3/2017
Idaho’s religious shield law and tragic child deaths Sandpoint Reader 11/17/2016
Idaho city government holds forum on deaths in anti-medical sects Moscow Human Rights Commission 10/25/2016
Trust God but tie up your camel Post Register 8/14/2016
Religious freedom or medical neglect? Idaho lawmakers take up faith-healing exemption Idaho Statesman 7/29/2016
Letting them die: parents refuse medical help for children in the name of Christ 4/13/2016
Child deaths in Idaho bring urgency to debate over faith healers 1/22/2016
Faith-healer parents who let their children die should go to 3/2/2015
Intent behind Idaho parental rights bill 3/1/2015
GOP lawmaker: It’s OK for children to die in the name of 2/25/2015
How to Craft a Religious Exemption Regime Guaranteed to Be Dangerous for Children: The Case of 2/19/2015
Idaho’s faith-healing debate pits child welfare against parental rights 2/22/2015
“Faith over Medicine”, a CNN video report on child faith-deaths among the Idaho Followers of Christ 1/19/2015
Oregon Church of the Firstborn parents get 10-year sentences in the death of their 12-year-old daughter 12/17/2014
Why does God kill so many children in Idaho? 11/17/2014 
Bill introduced to modify faith-healing exemption in Idaho’s injury-to-a-child crime 2/7/2014
Idaho legislator champions bill to curb faith-deaths of 1/16/2014
Followers of Christ in Idaho: At least ten more child deaths uncovered 11/7/2013
    (See also Part 2 of the investigation.
Two Idaho children die in faith-healing sect; religious exemption prevents 11/15/2011


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Child-Friendly Faith Project/Project Idaho
Associated Jehovah’s Witnesses for Reform on Blood


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